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bushcraft knives click for larger imageWoodcraft and Bushcraft knives of Carrickfergus

Welcome to Woodcraft knives.com, where you will find some of the finest handmade bushcraft and woodcraft knives, bushcraft walking sticks and other bushcraft and woodcraft items, like bushcraft fire steels and whistles for all your woodcraft and bushcraft needs.

All of our bushcraft items have been lovingly handcrafted by Stephen Knox from Carrickfergus Northern Ireland, who has over 15 years experience in the bushcraft business.

Stephen, has a real love for the outdoors, woodcraft and bushcraft.

See his latest Bushcraft and Woodcraft video click here........





Where possible Stephen only uses sustainable and natural materials in his bush craft and woodcraft products and he is keen to maintain the integrity of the natural product being used, giving a genuine bush craft finish .

Most of the bushcraft knives and bushcraft sticks Stephen creates are custom made, to order, and therefore each piece is individual and unique. If cared for and used respectfully, each bush craft item could last a lifetime!

Stephen's bespoke form of bushcraft manufacture means you can have more of an input into the production, which will ensure you end up with a bush craft product that far outshines anything bought from a 'shelf'.

If you have any ideas for a bushcraft knife or bushcraft stick that you don't see listed, please feel free to contact Stephen and he can discuss any possibilities.

Whether it's for everyday bushcraft use, camping trips, fishing, or as a bush craft gift for someone else, then a Stephen Knox Knife or Stick from Woodcraftknives.com by your side will ensure you have the very best.

Bushcraft Knives or Woodcraft knives of perfection.

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